[UI Analysis] What Makes Async website Pop?

[UI Analysis] What Makes Async website Pop?

Take a look at the Async website. What stands out? By the way, I've just posted on Twitter.

So let's go!

1/ A blurred colour ellipse—is in contrast to the background.

2/ A green 3D wave with a shadow—on a rounded rectangle with a blurred background.

3/ A mock-up that looks realistic. The effect is multiplied by skewing the shape and adjusting the perspective.

4/ An arrow created from 2 parts, each with a gradient. A shadow adds depth and makes the arrow stand out.

5/ A human face—an effective way to catch the eye.

6/ Dark buttons on a light background create a great contrast.

That's it. If you like the analysis, please share it with other designers. 👋

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